Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Open Position Alert: Front-End Web Developer and Implementation Specialist

Please consider applying for the following position. Send applications to hr@atomiclearning.com.

Reports to:  Technical Project Manager   
Department: IT and Data Security
Location:  In-Office; 10am-7pm M-F; Hours may vary to accommodate roll outs.

Job Summary:
The Front-end Web Developer and Implementation Specialist will work cross-functionally with other departments in developing improved functionality on our websites through scripting techniques and promoting new and/or changed code to our production web servers. This person will collaborate with teammates to come up with new ideas and solutions for our websites as well as execute and implement site maintenance work. The position will also be responsible for rolling development code to our production web and database servers with accuracy for our web developers.

•    Produce clean, error-free code for public-facing website, web applications, or widgets.
•    Meet or exceed deadlines.
•    Work directly with Marketing to develop enhanced functionality to our websites using currently widely acceptable coding techniques.
•    Take the layouts and images developed by Marketing and implement them correctly on our websites using HTML, CSS, and the necessary scripting tools needed to create the necessary effect. 
•    Develop and maintain web style guides for our websites and web-based products.
•    Accurately move developed front-end code through to the production servers and check for completeness, usability, and cross-browser compatibility.
•    Create static HTML pages as needed for demos or part of site navigation.
•    Serve as resident “expert” for all CSS, JavaScript, Flash, XHTML, and other Web 2.0 questions and issues.
•    Perform the necessary steps to roll out code developed by web developers by defect, project, feature, or task during the day as well as the evening for code requiring database restarts.  Training will be provided and rollout schedule will be coordinated between the ITADS, Product, and Marketing.
•    Assist the Quality Assurance department and may be assigned to assist with software quality assurance for larger projects.
•    Work flexible hours to accommodate roll outs.
•    Other duties as the business demands. 

Desired Qualifications, Skill, and Abilities:
•    HS Diploma and 3-4 years of Front-End development experience.
•    Possess knowledge of each browser's quirks and have the ability to create websites that appear and work well on equipment ranging from Mac computers to Windows-based PCs to mobile devices.
•    Feel comfortable working with various individuals and groups including external creative agencies, internal creative teams, marketing, development, and UI.
•    Ability to hand-code semantic, efficient, standards-compliant XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS and to test across multiple browsers and platforms. 
•    Ability to effectively use JavaScript frameworks like YUI libraries.
•    Expert fluency in W3C compliant HTML/XHTML/CSS.
•    Knowledge of accessibility guidelines (and when to work around them).
•    Proficiency with JavaScript toolkits such as Prototype, ExtJS, and Scriptaculous.
•    Experience building AJAX applications.
•    Understanding of optimization techniques and best practices
•    Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills including presentation skills.
•    Strong interpersonal skills (listening, tact, diplomacy, good judgment).
•    Demonstrated ability to effectively organize, plan, research, estimate, analyze and prioritize individual work assignments and team assignments.
•    Experience with SVN and the code merging process. 
•    Experience with software rollout procedures and command-line prompts for restarting servers.
•    Experience with interactive design and development software including Flash/Action Script, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  Other design tools are a plus.
•    Experience with Section 508 Compliance is a plus.
•    Ability to work flexible hours to accommodate roll outs.


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