Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Assistive Tech software introductory videos

What is Assistive Technology software? Atomic Learning offers free intro videos which are useful on their own. Feel free to browse our entire collection and try some out.

Of course, our just-in-time tutorials are just the beginning of what AL offers. Look for many new features, tools, and resources with the launch of our new website in August.

Monday, June 29, 2009

New ISTE NETS-A Standards

ISTE has refreshed its NETS program with the release of the 2009 Administrator Standards.

NETS for Students 2007 (PDF 90 KB)

NETS for Teachers 2008 (PDF 39 KB)

NETS for Administrators 2009 (PDF 67 KB)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did You Know?

If this doesn't drive home the critical nature of 21st century skills in the classroom, I don't know what will. I've seen it before and it still gives me goosebumps.

Find more videos like this on Technology Integration in Education

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

21st Century Skills: What Do They Look Like?

Presented by Brad Flickinger, Educational Futurist

Wondering exactly what 21st Century Skills are all about? Trying to determine what steps to take to begin bringing 21st Century Skills into classroom projects? Join this presentation and discussion around 21st Century Skills concepts, examples, and real world advice on how to bring them into the classroom.

View an archived webinar on this topic (simple registration required)

Catch Brad at NECC09, booth #1130, Monday at 10a, 10:45a, 11:30a, 2p, 3p.

Although being born and raised in Canada, Brad is proud of what he calls his "Perfect American Accent." After high school Brad studied journalism at the University of Western Australia, returned home to Canada, married his high school sweetheart and started his own weekly newspaper. At the age of 24 he won the Young Entrepreneur of Canada for the work he had done in getting newspapers into the digital age.

A few years later he moved his young family to a beach town in Costa Rica for a few years to work as a school teacher at a private elementary school before returning to the United States. By this time, the Internet was booming and Brad spent the next few years managing a technology and design company near Seattle before returning to teaching for the past seven years.

Recently Brad has combined is passions for teaching and technology by working a consultant and speaker on new and emerging educational technologies.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seven Steps to Flatten Your Classroom

This ebook has been very popular, and it's still available free from Atomic Learning.

We can now work with almost anyone, any place, and at any time – and our classrooms should reflect that. Flattening our classrooms is about introducing our students to the world in safe, meaningful ways that will enrich and augment the things that are already working in our schools.

This e-book is based on an Atomic Learning workshop developed by Vicki Davis, who has been recognized for her innovative use of the Web in the classroom. Vicki and Julie Lindsay are currently writing a book on the topic.

Monday, June 22, 2009

NECC 2009 is almost here!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Atomic Learning at NECC 2009

Monday, June 29
21st Century Skills: What Do They Look Like?
  • Featuring Brad Flickinger, Educational Futurist
  • 10a, 10:45a, 11:30a, 2p, 3p
Technology Integration: An International Perspective
  • Featuring Bryn Jones, Australian Educator
  • 1p & 4p

Tuesday, June 30
Technology Integration: An International Perspective
  • Featuring Bryn Jones, Australian Educator
  • 10a, 1p, 4p
21st Century Skills: How Do I Get Started?
  • Featuring Lisa Barnett, Atomic Learning
  • 10:45a & 11:30a
Flatten Your Classroom
  • Featuring Vicki Davis, Teacher and Blogger
  • 2p & 3p

Wednesday, July 1
21st Century Skills: How Do I Get Started?
  • Featuring Roger Geraets, Atomic Learning
  • 10a & 11:30a
Technology Integration: An International Perspective
  • Featuring Bryn Jones, Australian Educator
  • 10:45a


We'll see you at booth #1130!

New eBook for those seeking education grants

Atomic Learning has introduced a new Grant Writing Tips & Tricks ebook. Atomic Learning is committed to integrating technology into the classroom, and we offer this guide in the spirit of that mission.

New Product Alert: 21st Century Skills - Comic Science

This project provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of a scientific concept in a creative way, through the application of multimedia tools. The example project illustrates how students might use a comic book format to communicate the steps involved in applying the scientific method toward problem resolution. The tutorials demonstrate the process of creating comic panels that incorporate text and graphics, for the purpose of conveying information that students gathered when researching a topic.

In addition to teaching the technology skills, the tutorials discuss other 21st century skills and concepts, such as research methods, critical thinking, and problem solving. Discussion questions, assessment rubrics, and information about adapting and extending the example project are included in the resource materials available for download with this project.


Check this out: More ActiveInspire training now available!

Hey, everyone! Atomic Learning has some new stuff up today. Check out the 4 new tutorials in the ActiveInspire series...

With ActivInspire®, there's something for everyone: Students get focused with fun, interactive lessons and engaged with integrated learning tools; and teachers get results from immediate student responses. ActivInspire combines cross-platform functionality that works on Windows, Mac and Linux with two interface options - Activprimary®, Activstudio® - to create a complete educational software solution.