Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Higher Education Customers - How Do You Use Atomic Learning?

Greetings once again from the higher education team here at Atomic Learning! We have been putting our heads together to try to bring you the latest and greatest ideas on how you can use Atomic Learning on your campus.

1. As a help desk extension - is your help desk only open limited hours? Is your help desk staff sometimes overloaded, especially when upgrading applications like Microsoft Office? With a site license you can direct your users to Atomic Learning for tutorials on how to perform specific functions when your help desk is not available, or during busy times of the year!

2. Faculty Training - some faculty and staff members in your organization are great at keeping up on technology and integrating it into the classroom. Others are overwhelmed while budget cuts keep them running from class to class. Atomic Learning a great tool to keep your faculty updated on technology they use everyday - whether it's a tutorial on how to add a course link in your LMS, or how to schedule an appointment on their Outlook calendars!

3. Online Learning - many students who utilize online learning instruction are non-traditional student. These users have usually been out of the learning environment for some time, and are unfamiliar with new technology, as well as how instructors are using technology in their classes. Referring them to Atomic Learning for basic technology instruction is a great way for them to get up to par on technology in the online classroom.

4. Teaching Technology to Students - piggy-backing on the online learning idea, we have also found that the technology learning curve for students in the same class varies widely. Some students come from great technology backgrounds, while others haven't brushed up on their tech skills in years. Our product can assist where that gap exists. Students who need more training can go online and learn at their own pace to make sure they are up-to-date on technology applications.

5. In the traditional classroom - many colleges and universities offer technology classes such as a core applications class. Atomic Learning is a great resource as an instructional tool in these classes. If you have individual accounts, the instructor can actually assign training to students as an assignment. If you have one of our enhances packages, your students can upload projects and assignments into Atomic Learning, and the instructor can view and comment on the uploaded information.

6. Specialized Institutions - Are you an institution which specializes in a certain field? In many cases we find that these types of colleges need to offer courses on very specific subjects, and just don't have the time to include technology training as well. Atomic Learning is a great tool to take over that technology training, so instructors can focus on the subject at hand.

7. Colleges of Education - with the recent push in the K12 industry to produce quality teachers who are familiar with 21st Century Skills, Atomic Learning can help teach those initiatives to college of ed students. We have many tutorials, projects and workshops which focus in 21st Century Skills, and how to incorporate them into classroom instruction.How do you use Atomic Learning? We’re always looking for input from our customers on how they use Atomic Learning so we can all learn from each other! Please feel free to take the ideas presented here and incorporate them into your instruction, and give me a call (866-259-6890, ext. 288) if I can assist with implementing any of them for your college or university!

Mary Groth
Higher Education Account Manager


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