Monday, March 22, 2010

New Content Alert: InDesign CS4, Easiteach, Office 2010, OpenOffice, IE8, Diigo 4, Co:Writer 6

InDesign CS4 - Advanced
Adobe® InDesign® CS4 offers a sophisticated environment for design and publishing that offers many features. Take your page designing abilities to the next level with this advanced series.

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Easiteach Spreadsheet & Database Toolbars (PC)
Explore the tools found on the Easiteach® Spreadsheet and Database toolbars to collect, analyze and display information. Learn how to perform calculations and create charts and graphs which can be incorporated into your engaging, interactive Easibook lessons.

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Office 2010 - What's New? (PC)
Take a look at many of the new features in Microsoft®  Office Suite 2010. In this series, you'll learn about the major changes to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint® as well as the user interface. Other procedures for using Microsoft Office 2010 remain essentially unchanged from the previous version.

View 2 free tutorials 3.1 Writer - Intermediate 3.1 is a free open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. This intermediate-level tutorial series will bring you to the next level of mastering the word processing application of the suite, Writer.

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Internet Explorer 8 
Version 8 of Microsoft's® popular Web browser, Internet Explorer®, allows users to browse with more confidence. This tutorial series will show you how to take full advantage of its many valuable features for a better Web browsing experience.

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Diigo 4 
Instead of just bookmarking, Diigo™ allows users to add persistent highlights, text and sticky notes to specific parts of Web pages. Diigo users can keep their bookmarks and annotations private, share them publicly, or create a group to collaborate in a team. Learn all about these and other features in version 4 of Diigo.

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Co:Writer 6
Co:Writer® 6 is a word prediction software program that helps students translate ideas into writing. Version 6 has been upgraded with a simple single window interface, the ability to speak any text on the computer screen, and enhanced speech options, word bank, and personal dictionary. Version 6 has also made signing into Co:Writer optional so you can begin writing immediately.

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Atomic Learning Website - Administrative Features
The administrative features of Atomic Learning are easy to use, however you may still have some questions about specific functions within the system. This tutorial series covers the functions available for users with administrative level access.

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