Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FREE FOR EDUCATORS: Digital Learning Environments

HP & Intel's Digital Learning Event Series 2010 - Practical Strategies for Digital Learning Environments

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HP, Intel, and their partners have joined forces with Tech & Learning to bring you the new 2010 HP & Intel Digital Learning Event Series.

These unique interactive forums are one-day events held throughout the United States. Each Digital Learning Event is an immersive experience that provides K-12 decision-makers with state-of-the-art technology solutions delivered in hands-on learning environments.

In this track, sessions are hosted in Math, Science, Language Arts and Professional Development. This unique classroom environment lets you be a student for the day and experience compelling standards-based learning moments through seamless technology and curriculum integration!


IT decision-makers are encouraged to attend this track to learn more about cloud computing solutions, wired and wireless networking, and asset and data security for district infrastructures. There will be an elective time slot for you to attend one of the Teaching and Learning sessions.

At these Digital Learning Events, you will learn how technology-rich environments enrich students' learning experiences, change the way teachers engage their classes, and help you build sustainable technology programs.

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