Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Are we hearing the voices of students?

As our world has changed, so has education. Through the years there have been several different stages in education, always adapting to the latest technology and theories of the time. Today another change is on the horizon.

There are many views on the changes that need to take place to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Experts advise on various levels of education, recommending changes to the system which may revolutionize education. Politicians try to facilitate that change. Educators, from special education teachers to university professors, are on the front line trying to facilitate the change. Administrators hold the task of trying to balance the needs of everyone.

In these conversations we rarely hear from those who are affected the most: the students. It is their future, their education, and their needs which need to be met. It’s important to listen to their voices as we try to prepare the next generation for their futures.

Take a minute to listen to some of those voices.

Dan Brown’s video is a link to a treasure trove of 21st century students and how they view education. The comments and video responses show what young adults think of education and give their vision on how it can be changed to meet their needs. I highly recommend Dan’s follow-up video as well.

There is a conversation happening about what students need from education. Are we listening?


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