Friday, April 16, 2010

New Content Alert: Higher Ed Creation and Collaboration Tools

Collaborating to Build a Slideshow Presentation – Google Docs Project

Users will be using online tools to collaborate on a presentation. Our example is about climate change and global warming, but the project can be easily adapted for any subject area. Viewers will learn how to work in a shared word processing document to collect information, and then divide up the work for creating an online slide presentation they can share on the Internet.

Creating a Photo Book – Photoshop Elements 8

For this project we will be using multimedia software to create a photo book. We’ll begin by importing digital images into a photo editing application and organizing the photos in an album. We’ll choose a theme for the photo book and create the book pages. Images will be added to the book, resized or cropped, and positioned for best effect on the pages. We’ll add and format text for titles and image descriptions....

Video Creation – Photoshop Elements 8 & Premiere Elements 8  

For this project, users will create a video of images and sound that evoke a specific emotion for them. They will begin by collecting images that reflect their chosen emotion and use tools in Photoshop Elements to prepare the photos for use in their video. In Premiere Elements, they will choose a sound file and import the images they worked on in PSE. The images will be arranged on the timeline, and transitions can be added to the presentation....

Creating a Resumé – Word 2007 

For this project, users will create a resumé in a word processing program following guidelines for a general purpose resumé. Viewers can follow along with the tutorial movies, using the example information provided in the downloadable resource packet for this lesson, to create a finished product similar to the example project demonstrated in the tutorials. Or, users may create a resumé using their own personal information.
Building a Bibliography – Word 2007 

For this Tech Integration Project, users will be learning how to create a Works Cited page, following the MLA Style Guide (7th edition). The final word processing document depicts references for multiple sources, including books, journals, newspapers, and Web sites. The document that is created by following along with the tutorial movies can be used for future reference when users are required to create citations for other projects.

Creating an Effective Presentation using PowerPoint

Learn how to create an effective presentation using Microsoft®  PowerPoint® 2003. This workshop includes great tips on text, graphics, color, and sound. In addition, you'll learn how to work with lists, animation, and transitions, as well as how to make your presentation Web-ready!
PC Maintenance & Security

It's a well-known fact that PC's are wonderful tools. They can be fun, educational, a way to communicate, and much more. But in order to keep them running properly and to protect the valuable data we store on them, we need to follow some simple precautions. This workshop takes an in-depth look at some cost-effective ways to keep your internet-connected PC running smoothly!


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