Monday, February 15, 2010

New Content Alert: Assistive Tech Apps

Easiteach® Studio is a powerful and flexible whole-class-teaching software product, which provides a wide range of cross-curricular teaching tools for both primary and secondary schools. This tutorial series will teach you all you need to know about the features that come with the RM Easiteach Starter package.

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Co:Writer® 6 is a word prediction software program that helps students translate ideas into writing. Version 6 has been upgraded with a simple single window interface, the ability to speak any text on the computer screen, and enhanced speech options, word bank, and personal dictionary. Version 6 has also made signing into Co:Writer optional so you can begin writing immediately.

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Read:OutLoud® is a text to speech software program with built in supports for reading comprehension. Version 6 of Read:OutLoud has made it easier to read and navigate every type of file and Web content. There is improved PDF support and NIMAS files don’t require any conversion. In version 6, an outline is automatically formed when students highlight text, simplifying the outline process. Read:OutLoud 6 will instantly open books from Bookshare’s Web site without unpacking.

View 12 free tutorials on Read:OutLoud


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