Monday, December 21, 2009

New Feature Alert: Assignment notifications

We're excited to announce another new feature of our redesigned network. If an administrator has provided valid email addresses for his/her individual users at the time of account setup, those users will soon start receiving an email notification indicating they have been assigned training or an assessment. 

Each night the Atomic Learning system will check for new assignments that have been created. In addition, it will check the dates of existing assignments to find those which are coming due soon or are overdue.  If a new assignment has been created, all users will receive an email notification. Those users who have an assignment due within 7 days will receive a notification as well. If an assignment becomes overdue, the user will receive a notification on the day following the due date.

Users will not receive multiple emails of the same type.  If more than one assignment is created, or coming due or overdue, the user will still only receive one email for each scenario on any given day, for a maximum of three. The subject line will indicate the type of notification.

All users will have the option in My Profile & Settings to turn on or off the “Receive Email Updates”  feature.  By default it is set to “Yes”.   However, to ensure that all users continue to receive notifications, administrators may contact Customer Service to request that users not have the option to change the notifications feature.  After CS makes the change, the option will no longer be visible to users in their My Profile & Settings area.  Or, if you would rather not have the notification feature at all, please contact Customer Service. We’d be glad to turn off this feature for your account.  

We hope you find value in the much requested feature!  Thank you to those of you who share your suggestions and feedback!

(Thanks to Jacki)


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