Friday, November 13, 2009

Recent website enhancements and new features

The following website updates and enhancements are now live on Atomic Learning:
  • To make product selection and purchasing simpler, we've created a new Subscription Options page. Start here to compare products and request a quote.

  • For customers who have purchased the custom training package, site administrators can build a custom training series to which custom content can be added.

  • Users within your organization can access their custom training from within the Atomic Learning system, through the standard search and browse, or in the My Training area if it has been assigned, recommended, or set as a favorite.

  • The custom training feature has recently been updated to allow for individual items to be hidden or deleted.  In addition, an entire custom training series can now be deleted.

  • Several enhancements have been made to the assigned training feature as well.  Administrators with the appropriate privileges can easily modify training assignments.  The assignment name, due date, and list of users who have been assigned training can be changed.  Tutorials and other training items can now be added or removed from previously saved assignments.
  • Three new how-to videos are available for administrators working with custom training.
21st Century PD and Tech Integration Custom Package
Tech Skills Support Package
Assistive Technology Collection
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