Friday, November 13, 2009

It's time! Vote for your favorite AL mascot design now.

The designs are in for our contest to help create the new AL mascot. Thank you very much to those who participated. We've chosen the finalists, and they're on display here.

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite design. Voting is open now, and closes at 11:59 pm CDT on November 23. The design with the most votes will win a netbook!

Which AL design is your favorite?



FlamingoMom said...

5 only because it's the only design that shows the full name and connects it to AL, the nickname. You can't assume people know either one & this one makes it clear. Some of the other designs are better, but need to add Atomic Learning with an oversized AL to make it clear.

Sister JEM said...

11 - this one includes a replacement for AL - and has a sidekick that can be used for some part of the marketing. Needs to be in color.

tinykid18 said...

Looks like it is a 2 person race here between #2 and #17. #17 is a nice logo however it is not a mascot. If this is a contest based on coming up with a mascot then #2 wins all the way! looks like #17 should be disqualified (as well as all the others who only came up with a logo and not a mascot)

Good luck #2, nice mascot!!

Laura said...

Number 17 is well designed, simple, but it is a logo, not a mascot.
Some of the other designs, such as number 13 didn't go far enough in their design, I am glad they thought to include both male & female mascots!
Number 11 is moving forwards! on to the future, with a sidekick, fun! color will need to be added though.

Daniel said...

Sure, 2 is more of a mascot than 17, but it makes no effort to advertise the name Atomic Learning. If I saw that mascot I would have no idea what it's trying to represent.

Clint Buhs said...

Just wanted to stop in and thank everyone who submitted a design and/or voted for one. We really appreciate your participation and look forward to making use of the many great ideas presented here when the new AL is created.

Patty said...

I like number 4.

Monja said...

I VOTED FOR #17.Straight and to the point.

Ie point

NH2643 said...

I also think that #17 is a great logo, but the race here is for a mascot. AL already has a logo and if the mascot that accompanies it has the title in it, it will look redundant. Everybody did a great job, and I think #2 is the obvious winner here for a mascot! Good luck #2!

Marybeth said...

I agree with NH2643, two logos would be redundant. This competition is for a mascot! It seems #17, although a great logo, missed the point of the contest. #2 followed the rules and therefore should win! Go #2!

Bob said...

#2 is the mascot I would employ.....Great Job

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