Monday, September 14, 2009

Assistive Tech Webinar #1 Archived, #2 Coming Up!

Our first in a series of AT webinars, "Integrating Assistive Technology Tools for Writing into General Education", went well with fantastic attendance levels. Thanks to all who participated! You may review or share this webinar here.

Gayl Bowser, this webinar's host, has offered to answer questions on our Conversations network. She's also made her presentation slides available. Join the discussion!

The second webinar in this series, "Assistive Technology Integration for Teachers", will take place September 30 at noon CDT. This session will focus on how to integrate Assistive Technology in your classroom management routines, how to think about it in your anticipatory set and levels of participation, and in your rules, procedures, and goals.

You may register for this free webinar here.


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